10 crazy Irks and Perks of Dating A Book Nerd

Dating a Book Nerd can be a serious task. KITAAB brings to you the list of things potential daters should be wary of!
Everyone enjoys a book nerd. They are unique and there is no one quite like them. When you date a book nerd you are in for the ride of your life because not only are they smart and good at conversations, but they have seen (or in their case read) So much that you will never be bored with them. And everyday will be more exciting than the last one.
That being said, there are certain qualities or habits they possess which can be irksome.
Here are some of these habits that can be really annoying while dating a book nerd.
1.Book references
No matter what the situation is, there is always a book reference which sometimes gets annoying since you are always left scratching your head to figure it out or googling it to get what she said.
2.Books before you
Now it is a common knowledge that though she loves you, for her books always come before you, no matter what. The book is always preferred and hence you always come second to the book since completing the book is more important than that date with you.
3.Fawning over the male characters.
_20151007_153547Now you know that they are just fictional characters, but you can’t help but be jealous of them when all your girlfriend talks about is how amazing that male character was and how she is in love with him.
4. A book based conversation.
She’ll take you on journeys you have never been to. Tell your stories about places you’ve never heard of. Make you aware about Hogwarts and Narnia. Hey, you think. That’s a good thing, right? Maybe. But soon you’ll realise that all she talks about is books and your pillow talk mostly consists about discussions about her new ride. Suddenly, it isn’t so charming anymore.
5. Radio silence.
_20151007_153656As soon as she gets her hands on the book she wants to read, she’ll ditch you and disappear into her own little world of books leading her to ignore you for days (of course unintentionally), and not talking to you until she has read the book.
6. Book hangovers.
_20151007_153457Everyone knows what reading a great book does to you. It’s all you can think about and all you want to talk about and hence book hangover periods are the worst for you since all she would talk or think about is that amazing book.
7. Visiting book stores.
_20151007_153751By now you know every book store in the vicinity like the back of your hand. And there’s no such thing like a quick trip. She’ll weave her way through each row taking in every book and you’ll most likely spend your entire day in the book store.
8. Countless book recommendations.
_20151007_153602She’ll never stop giving your book recommendations and will expect you to read them just so you could talk about them and whether you are a reader or not doesn’t matter to her.
9. Fictional character comparison.
People in books are hard to compete with but nonetheless she’ll compare you with the character she is so in love with. Totally not cool for your self esteem and sometimes your relationship.
10. Talking during the movie.
_20151007_153621She’ll be the girl always talking during the movie, shouting “that’s not how it happened in the book!” or “I can’t believe they missed that part where…” and for her the book is way better. And forget about watching a movie before she has read the book.
So there. Your book nerd might annoy you and make you question your love for her in the first place, but all things said and done, you have to admit-she’s adorable when she’s in one of her flights of fancy. Her quirkiness is what sets her apart and it makes every second you spend with her a tiny bit more magical. After all, isn’t that why you fell for her in the first place?