There is this lovely light.

I see her, every day,

Unknown, yet so same.

Waiting for our magical future together,

I smile.



I opened up my brave heart.

I approached her, nervously.

Relief showered on her pretty face,

Knowing that she had somebody.



We would forget the world around.

Lying in the peaceful meadow,

Daydreaming about our pending letters.

Hogwarts, the school of witchcraft and Wizardry,

The place where our futures would be written,



“Wingardium Leviosa!”

I feel on top of the world.

We leave the muggle land,

For the magic – promising heavens.

I finally reach the place,

Where I always wanted to be.



I’m stunned at the sudden change of plans.

We started together,

We were sent different ways,

But our friendship remained intact.



My body, devoid of emotional power.

School ended,

My Lily went away,

Marrying my enemy,

She broke my heart away.



This pain is unbearable.

Vengeance, anger and a broken heart,

My mind couldn’t work otherwise.

I joined the Dark Lord’s army,

For my love for the Dark Arts.



I’m a puppet of my destiny.

With Trelawney’s first prophecy,

Unknowingly, I threatened Lily’s happy life.

Helpless, shocked, morose,

I begged for her precious life.


“Avada Kedavra!”

I feel dead, drained off my soul.

And she was gone,

She left me here, alone.

What a lifeless soul I’ve become,

In the wake of her brutal death.

They say her son’s got the same eyes,

Never would they shine with the same light.

Arrogant, just like his big – headed father,

I’ve sworn to protect him,

My Lily’s only reminder. 



I’ve locked myself.  

All these years,

I’ve died inside.

Craving for her one sight,

You could always find me,

In front of,

The mirror of the Erised.


“Expecto Patronum!”

A surreal light kept dancing around.

I’m reminded of her beautiful presence,

And if you ever ask me,

“After all this time?”

I swear my answer would be –




Lekhak Anisha Malhotra