Punjab: Details

Project Details:

As an intern you will be joining a group of fellow interns and senior workers at a village near Sangroor, one hour from Patiala, Punjab. Accommodation will be in the village and all interns will get to experience the village life while working on creating an atmosphere of literacy and learning by maximizing the habit of reading storybooks.
Help us in introducing a smart class system in the school and organizing classes making use of multimedia.

What will I be working on?

Core Focus Areas:
  • Managing a syllabus according to the  age group/gender and literacy level of the children
  • Attracting the local children through fun activities, as well as rallies in the vicinity to attract the attention of the parents.
  • Collecting story-books in the preferred language and difficulty level accordingly
  • Making extensive use of the newly implemented smart class systems in the classrooms to engage the students



Where am I headed off to?

  •  Village: Near Sangroor, One hour from Patiala, Punjab
  • Click here to view a map


What are the benefits of this internship?

  1. Grassroot work experience adding a gem to your work timeline
  2. A real time exposure to actual problems faced by the Indian education system
  3. Fieldwork providing an experience of village life
  4. An internship certificate for work from Kitaab (NGO: Registered under societies registration act 1860)
  5. Extra benefits for exceptional work

Where will I be staying?

  • Residence for all volunteers will be arranged at the University complex managed by Mastuana Sahin Guradwara
  • You will be charged a nominal amount for food and transportation.
  • The interns will be accompanied by our senior workers.
  • Interns would be incurred the exact amount, a list of basic supplies, along with a help book for rules of behavior in a separate e-mail.


  • Simple vegetarian food to be provided to the interns