Details of Team Members:

S.No. Name Designation College
1 Deepak Kumar Manager Shyam Lal College
2 Shriya Pant Intern Delhi College of Arts And Commerce
3 Navya Singh Intern Lady Shri Ram College for Women
4 Swati Kumar Meena Intern Miranda House
5 Raghav Gupta Intern Ramjas College
6 Prajjwal Kumar Intern Delhi College of Arts And Commerce
7 Anubhuti Intern Lady Shri Ram College for Women
8 Kriti Shah Intern SRCC

Summer Readership Program 2018 Betalghat: Itinerary-

Day 1

  • Ice breaking session(zip zap zop/chits activity)
  • Level grading (the students will read a few lines from a book as in hindi and English following which the interns will ask them to explain what they just read).

Day 2

  • Formal introduction of the interns assigned to the students.
  • Pre-Reading activity, Reading session followed by the activity of the day and worksheet.
  • Session on environment and it’s conservation.


Day 3

  • Pre-Reading activity, Reading session followed by the activity of the day and worksheet.
  • Music chair/ word antrakshri/some puzzle

Day 4

  • Pre-Reading activity, Reading session followed by the activity of the day and worksheet.
  • Session on gender equality.
  • Followed by the activity or discussion related  to this topic/ quiz competition.

Day 5

  • Session on hindi matras and dictation of the words.
  • Pre-Reading activity, Reading session followed by the activity of the day and worksheet.
  • Treasure hunt.

Day 6

  • Pre-Reading activity, Reading session followed by the activity of the day and worksheet.
  • Session on importance of work and their contribution to the nature
  • Session on good touch and bad touch

Day 7

  • Pre-Reading activity, Reading session followed by the activity of the day and worksheet
  • Session on importance of books and study (library)
  • Screening of video on good touch and bad touch

Day 8

  • creative writing competition followed by a drawing.
  • Screening of a short animated movie.

Day 9

  • Making of a Postcard to Kitaab Club and to any particular intern.
  • Pre-Reading activity, Reading session followed by the activity of the day and worksheet
  • Future talk with the help of game./(career counseling.)

Day 10

  • Prize distribution and Performance by students.
  • Motivational talk by the Team.
  • Closing session.

List Of Books Used

  1. Maya In A Mess
  2. Meeta Aur Uske Jaadue Jute
  3. A Visit To The City Market
  4. Nau Nanhe Pakshee
  5. Ghar Ki Khoj
  6. Choota Rajkumar
  7. Malgudi Days
  8. Billu Clean Bold
  9. Paryavaran Ki Kahaniyaan
  10. The Polar Bear
  11. Alice In The Wonderland
  12. Panchtantra
  13. Malgudi Days (Hindi)
  14. Ravindranath Tagore Ki Sarvasrestha Kahaniya (Hindi)
  15. High Flyers Alphabet Activity Book

No. of children Impacted

On the  first day of our program, we interacted with 64 students. Most of the students were aware of Kitaab club and have attended the Camp of last year. On the second day of our session number of students increases by 6. Everyday some new faces were seen. Finally we have interacted with around 80 children.

Day 1

Everyday the session starts with a prayer beautifully chanted by the students. After the prayer the students and the interns briefly introduced themselves. On the first day we have the task of dividing the children into 4 different levels. Level-grading was done using the parameters of reading, writing and understanding texts in both the medium (hindi & English). Before the level-grading interns were instructed to perform some icebreaking activity.

Interns were allotted the following classes for level grading:

INTERNS                                        CLASSES

  1. Shriya-                                      4,5
  2. Prajjwal & Swati-                     6
  3. Anubhuti & Raghav-                7
  4. Kriti & Navya-                        8,9

For ice-breaking, Shreya puts an adjective before the names of the children, starting with the same letter as of their names; Prajjwal and Swati conducted voting using chits to finalize reading of a story; Anubhuti and Raghav asked the students what they can teach them, and then they played HaHa-Ha Game; Kriti And Navya started with an ice-breaking activity where all the students had to introduce themselves with a word which started with the same letter as their name, for example: Kind Kriti or New Navya. This gave us an indication about the level of their vocabulary, along with Pictionary and counting game was played.

Shreya playing memory game

Day 2

For day 2 onwards interns were allotted a particular level to deal for the rest of the days. Interns were allotted different level in the following ways;

TEAM MEMBERS                        LEVELs

Deepak                            :             0

Swati & Shreya              :             1

Raghav & Anubhuti     :             2

Kriti & Navya                 :             3

Prajjwal                           :             4

(Level 0 was formed for 3 students who were very poor in identifying Alphabets and cannot read it. Also level-grading of new students was done after Day 1.)

Kriti & Navya: Pictionary

Day 3

Ice-Breaking with Black Board drawing.



Day 4,5

Morning Assembly and Exercise with Interns


Day 6

Interns Engazed  with Kids


Day 7

Talk On Good Touch And Bad Touch

Playing with kids                             






Day 8

Post Card To Kitaab by the children:

children were instructed to write a letter to kitaab, mentioning favourite teacher(intern) from kitaab, favourite activity and some lines.  We received a very lovely response from the kids. These cards can also be used as a feedback.

Movie Delhi Safari was shown to the kids, children really enjoyed the movie and gets the lesson from it.                              

Day 9

Drawing competition was organized on pollution, where the students came up with different ideas about pollution.

Some students shows their creativity by drawing burning earth and the issues of global warming.

Speech on Environment on Environment Day   

Day 10


सरस्वती वंदना   

This was the last day of our camp with the children. We celebrate our last day with the kids by holding speeches, performances and prize distribution. Saying good bye with lots of love and good wishes.


Note From The Manager

On the very first day of the Camp, students responded with great enthusiasm. So it doesn’t take us long to break the ice. Children at Betaalghat were very curious about the new games and want to know more about everything.  And it is obvious with kids that they want to know every new thing. They want to see it, touch it and feel it. Children also have so  many questions inside them, they wants to know how things work? Why this is so beautiful? What is inside this box?…  We, at Kitaab  tried our best to keep the curiosity inside them by answering their questions and providing them the adequate knowledge, not only through books but also elaborating and showing them the graphical videos about it. We have also used some activity based games to make them understand it.

Through this camp we tried our best to inculcate the reading habits among the children at Betalghat .  Children were very Enthusiastic and have good potential at learning new things.

The team observed that the English of the Students was poor. We taught them some basic tenses and sentence formation using some activities. And we need to work on it in next camp as well.

The principal sir there, who is also the coordinator there helped us a lot. He provided us with everything we need during this camp. We are very thankful to him.

For The Love Of Reading