Five books Indian children have grown up with..

“There is no such thing as a child who hates to read, there are only children who have not found the right book”  -Frank Serafini

Would you rather let your child sit in front of the idiot box for long hours or have your child read a satisfying book? A book is like a garden carried in the pocket. Broadening the horizons of knowledge, igniting imagination, developing vocabulary and expanding communication and writing skills, a book will take your child to places she has never been to and tell her stories of the characters she has never met.

Through this article we have compiled a list of children’s books that come with our very own Indian flavor with them.



A classic collection of 32 short stories by RK narayan telling the adventures of Swami and his friends in the imaginary town, Malgudi in rural south India is magical for every person who has read it. Dealing with ordinary men and women describing relationships and various social taboos that were present during that time makes this book an extraordinary gem which you MUST read.



These fables are a master piece and also a representative of India’s cultural heritage teaching us ethical values and morals. These fables have a charm that stay with us forever as we move through story after story preaching the lessons of life.



This simple yet charming book written by Ruskin Bond takes us on various adventures of rusty, an intelligent and curious boy who lives in the hills of Dehradun. This book through humor and serenity helps you to escape from the harsh reality of life and takes you to  another world without any complications of modern day life. Life is simple and this book makes you realize it.



The magic of this comic book series by Anant Pai, is everlasting. These enchanting shortcuts to Indian history were our childhood companions. Every book and every story not only had bright colorful pictures but also a very beautiful moral in the end, something that you would cherish forever.


This last book by RK narayan is a perfect conclusion to his writing career. A book which creates a special essence for those who love their grandmother and her ever so special bedtime stories. The story is about a young girl,  actually RK Narayan’s very own grandmother, who embarks on a journey to find her long lost husband in a simple and vivid narration bringing joy and hope to the readers of this very eccentric themed book.

These books will stay with you for lifetime. It’s never TOO late to give these mesmerizing books a read once again. So don’t let the child in you die, grab your library card and go book shopping.

-Shreya Gupta