” Try to live in the moment” – Shivangi Sharma

‘ I MADE A BOOBOO’ is a book written by Shivangi Sharma based on her experience as first time mother. It is full of hilarious encounters but will make you ponder over some serious thoughts at the same time. The book was released by Honorable Mayor of Chandigarh Mr. Arun Soon in Guru Nanak Public School, Shivangi’s Alma mater on 5th March 2016.  It has been covered by all the major media, including TV (Doordarshan).


A Marketing professional with an MBA from ISB Hyderabad, Shivangi Sharma has co-authored an anthology titled Dutched Up (rated among top travel books of 2015 by the WSJ) and has written for Mother’s World, a popular parenting magazine. She is also a part of Bollywood Dance troupe that performs in various European cities and is indulged in Yoga.





Let’s find out more about her through the interview that she did for Kitaab.

1.When did the journey of your writing start?

I have been writing for longer than I can remember – if you count personal diary entries, poetry written for family, essays written for the school and university magazines, blogs that got published outside of my own website and half written manuscripts that I never pursued further. The more professional writing began when I co-wrote an anthology with top bloggers of Netherlands that successfully became one of the Wall Street Journal’s travel picks of the year. ‘I made a booboo’ is my first solo book as an author that was published a couple of months ago by Rupa.  Writing a book and getting it published was always a dream, which has now been fulfilled.



2.How did the idea of writing the book, “I Made a Booboo” struck you? How was the journey starting from writing up till publication?


I had taken a break from my job when my son was born. As a first time parent, this experience was something that shook me to my bones in an extremely positive way. I was amazed at the miraculous yet utterly hilarious experience of parenting. So I started writing a lot about it in form of short and unconnected posts. After a while I realized that I might just have enough content with me to make this into a complete book. So I got on this exciting journey of turning my experiences into a book that other parents – old and new – would be able to relate and have fun with.

I absolutely loved the whole process of writing. I would work on it till late nights and whenever else I could squeeze in a few minutes when the baby gave me a breather – for let’s say about 5 minutes in a day! Even the editing, corrections, proofreading etc did not for once feel like a chore to me. This was my story that I would laugh at all by myself even while writing it.

The publishing journey thankfully was also quite smooth for me, even though it took over one year for the book to come out after I had submitted it – but that is apparently the norm. And the fruit of all that hard work when came back in the form of feedback from readers who found it hilarious and touching at the same time, feels really satisfying.








3. You are a part of professional Bollywood dance troupe that perform in various European Cities. So, from where did dancing come into picture?



From my habit of putting my fingers into too many pies! But dancing is another of my passions that I love to pursue.  Thanks to the overdose of Bollywood movies, dancing is in the DNA of Indians. So it didn’t require much effort to shake a leg in Bollywood style. I had joined a workshop here and soon enough we started getting invitations to perform at various events and it is always a lot of fun.







4. A mother, dancer, wife, author and indulging in yoga. How do you manage everything?


I get along by not doing everything at the same time, by doing things that I love doing, and by not striving to do everything perfectly. Good enough is really good enough for me and harmless slack is allowed every now and then.

Being a mother is the toughest out of all those roles. So once you have been through that, everything else looks easy. I have also been working full time now back in the corporate sector.  I could definitely do with being a bit better at planning things, but I get along for now, together with a husband who is an extreme planner.

I am more of a ‘on the fly’ kind of a person. If I like something I do it with all my passion and will find all the time in the world for that.  If I don’t like then I won’t do it well. Unfortunately however, a lot falls in the latter category.






5. All time favorite authors and books.


While lately I am only into spiritual and other non-fiction books, there was a time not long ago when I read only fiction. So some authors I loved were Fyodor Dostoevsky, John Kennedy Toole, Margaret Atwood, Salman Rushdie, Orhan Pamuk, PG Wodehouse, Vikram Seth, Yann Martel , Rohinton Mistry, Joseph Heller, Thomas Hardy and actually many, many more!  Recently on a flight I read two very interesting books – ‘The fault in our stars’ and ‘The hundred year old man who jumped out of the window and disappeared’. The latter particularly was a laugh riot.




6. What is the mantra that drives you through life?

Be thankful for everything and try to live in the moment. I am not always able to follow it but I keep reminding myself to go back to it whenever I falter!


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