Winter Readership Program at Uphalda, Srinagar

Eight students from Delhi, come to a place so different yet unique and exquisite in its own way- Uphalda. When we entered the school premises for the first time, I saw class 4th students of the school looking at us, so fascinated by the energy we walked in. We were there in a classroom full of 40 excited kids, whose faces depicted the eagerness to meet and greet with us.


Number of children Impacted- 40 students of 6th-8th grade

Number of interns’ involved-7

  1. Shashank Garg- Ramjas College (Manager)
  2. Sunny Goswami – IPcollege
  3. Rhythm Garg- Hansraj College
  4. Soumya -LSR College
  5. Tanya Khatri- DCAC College
  6. Janhavi- LSR College
  7. Rohit Bansal- Ramjas College




DAY 1 –

  • Ice breaking session
  • Introduction to students
  • Reading session and level grading of students
  • Baal sabha


  • Reading session
  • Session on famous monuments of India
  • Treasure hunt based on monuments of India
  • Story Completion and Story Telling competition
  • Baal sabha

DAY 3 –

  • Game session
  • Story Reading session
  • Confidence building session
  • Dictation test
  • Preparation for Baal sabha function

DAY 4 –

  • Game session
  • Story Reading activities (tittle prediction, story completion)
  • Abstract Drawing competition
  • Baal sabha function
  • Prize distribution


DAY 5 –

  • Game session
  • Story Reading session
  • Note making/postcard writing
  • Movie showcase
  • Hand impression activity
  • Christmas celebration

DAY 6 –

  • Game session
  • Reading session
  • Summary writing
  • Introduction to library
  • Bid farewell to students

Books used-

Hindi Books English Books
Vikram Beetal World of trees
Tenali rama Festival of id
Adha Gol Chakkar Alics adventure in wonderland
Baccho ki Shubhadra Swami and friends
Chutki Growing up with trees
Rusty ke karname why
Bus ki sair Famous five
Jungle ke dost
Ese jeev jinhe bhula nhi sakte






DAY 1:

The first day started with the ice breaking session, where we met all the students and interacted with them. We played different games with them and tried to create a normal environment. We played   voice modulation and mind concentration games, which really attracted the children and they were quite open to us. Followed by this, the 40 students were divided into smaller groups of 7-8 students according to their classes and reading session was conducted in smaller groups. Followed by the reading session, we had the Baal sabha, where the students were allowed to elect their own prime minister and president for the respective day and some performances by the kids which help them to boost their confidence with this, the first day ended happily.

Picture- Students of 6th standard reading a book JUNGLE KE DOST.





DAY 2:

One slide of power point presentation on INDIAN FAMOUS MONUMENTS

Students of class 8th during STORY COMPLETION competition.

Students of class 6th and 7th during STORY TELLING competition.

DAY 3:

Student of class 6th during story reading session, Amit reading the story to other kids.

Students of class 7th during CONFIDENCE BUILDING session.


Students of class 6th during DICTATION TEST

Students of class 8th preparing for BAAL SABHA function.

DAY 4:

Picture- Students playing SIT- STAND during game session.


Students of class 8th during STORY READING SESSION.

Students of class 8th performing DHOAS.

Kids during ABSTRACT DRAWING session

DAY 5:

Students playing VOICE MODULATION.

Students of class 7th during MOVIETO BOOK session.



DAY 6:

Student of class 8th reading a story from book CHUTKI.

Students of class 7th were introduced with LIBRARY

Kids during SUMMARY writing session.



Kids of class 6th with the intern.

Interns at the school at Uphalda.


In the end massive changes are noticed in students, in their attitude and confidence. The kids we meet first and last day were completely different. They have huge goals and aspirations they just need good direction which direct them towards right road to success. They had full confidence on their school. I did not notice any inferiority complex. Even after coming from such backgrounds their dream is what makes them a bigger and better person. After interaction with each and every student and all of them had potentials and to my surprise even the naughtiest ones are intelligent and knew the importance of education. Eventually with combine efforts they started gaining confidence and actively participated in class discussion and learning.