7 Kinds of People at the New Delhi World Book Fair 2016

After satisfying the craving of bibliophiles, the World Book Fair has finally came to an end. Organised in Pragati Maidan, it started from the 9th of January, inaugurated by HRD Minister Smriti Irani, it registered the appearance of various notifiable personalities.
Kitaab brings to you a list of the kinds of people we saw at the World Book Fair 2016, which one are you!


These are the kind of people, you can encounter anywhere at anytime. Rarely have they come with the intention to buy books.
They can be seen taking selfies at all the picturesque places.
No judging, but these are the kind of people who seem to live only for books based on engineering, technology, medicine and other such subjects that require high level of intelligence and can be found at bookstalls like ‘Wiley’ and ‘Scientific India’.
They have no idea what’s happening around them, they are just interested in technical jargon.

3. Fan-girls/Fan-boys

They are the persons who can do anything for the author they love. They can be seen at author’s corner or running around to get an autograph of their favorite writers.

4. Young Enthusiasts

Young adults who are fans of the likes of John Green, Sophie Kinsella, Rick Riordian, Veronica Roth etc. can be seen everywhere. They buy a bunch of YA bestseller books and are satisfied for the day.

5. The Discount Hunters



Who cares about the what’s inside as long as it says Buy 1 get 1 Free!! These people can be seen hoarding discounted books with satisfied grins on their faces!

6. Authors


They are the coolest lot. The stars of the event with fans and attendants running around them like crazy. They can be found surrounded by hoards of excited book lovers or chilling around author’s corner till it is time they are to speak.

7. Book Lovers


They are the one’s who can be seen floating around with dreamy, intense looks in their eyes. Content to be surrounded by a sea of books and book lovers, they stop at random book stalls, gently leafing through the piles of books with money possibly the only thing stopping them from buying the entire fair. They are the one’s that have to be dragged out when it is closing time in the evening.
It was indeed a beautiful experience at the World Book Fair 2016. Being amidst all those books gives you a different level of serenity. If you missed it this time, make sure to visit the next!