7 umistakable signs to look for when hunting for fellow bibliophiles

Hello readers! We all know the feeling of being with a group of friends who don’t read, so they never understand our daily struggles or the sneaky book references we make almost everytime!
Every reader has his/her quirks and differences, but mostly we all have some things and habits in common which makes it easier to spot a Bibliophile and make best friends with them! Because let’s be honest, if you’re an avid reader, you NEED a book BFF!
The following seven signs will help you spot your next book BFF With whom you can discuss books to your heart’s content!

1.  Always carrying a book

Point 1. source Pinterest.com

So this person is the one who is always carrying a book. He/she might be in your class or your colleague. Whether you make plans with them or you just bump into them, they are with their book 24/7, so trust me they are at it.

2. They get irritated when interrupted while reading.

point 2. source buzzfeed.com

Now they might be a friend or a classmate or just some stranger in a metro or a bus who is engrossed in their book. If you ask them something, either they will simply ignore what you just said or they will give you this death stare right into your very soul wanting to rip into half, chances are they love reading and probably would mind a lot if you disturb them by asking something about the book because let’s be honest we all hate to be interrupted while we’re reading a book we really love!

3. They make book references

point 3. source booknerdreviews.com

Now they’re making book references. And you get them. Need I say more??

4. They use a very fancy or cool book mark.

point 4. source babble.com

These people carrying really cute and fancy book marks don’t just like reading. No. They LOVE IT. They worship their books and believe me they know that their books deserve something precious to be kept inside because well they are a beautiful place to be in.

5. They carry or wear something that gives you clear-cut sign.

point 5. source imanadventurest.wordpress.com-1

They might be wearing a cool booknerd Tshirt or might be carrying a book nerd bag. Not everyone likes to wear or carry such things. Bibliophiles preach reading and it will be all over them.

6. The book is always better than the movie.

point 6. source popsugar.com

So, you’re hanging out with your book having a great cup of coffee at a nice cafe and you suddenly hear an argument about how the book was far better than the movie. Your next step should be helping them win that argument.

7. They’re always trying to peak into your book.

point 7. source epic reads

They’ll try to know the title of the book you are reading  or just start reading it with you. Trust me. I do it all the time.
So there you go friends! These were just some of the signs that will indicate a person is a bibliophile and if you do spot one, make sure you make friends with them because we readers are the coolest and will certainly conquer the whole world once we finish one more chapter!