A Nose-y Affair!

10 reasons Lord Voldemort could be your dream boyfriend

Every girl has an image of her dream boyfriend in her mind and never ever does that picture resemble Lord Voldemort! I mean, who would want their boyfriend to be slimy, nose-less and snake-like? But after ‘n’ number of hours of deep thinking, I’ve come up with 10 brilliant reasons why he could be the dream boyfriend!

  1. Boyfriends always promise that they’re always there for us and just a call away. But Voldemort would mean it, he’ll fly up to you within minutes. He’s literally just a call away!
  2. Lord Voldemort is independent. He likes to do his own work and in his own way and he won’t ever bother you to help him with his daily chores, like regular boyfriends do!
  3. Even though he was born under the impact of love potion, he will still go beyond normal evil in your love. He’s possessive and obsessed. In a good way, I mean.
  4. He’s brave. He won’t let anyone even set their eyes upon you, one wrong intention and *Avada Kedavra*!
  5. He’s intelligent and smart! You will enjoy having long and deep conversations with him about life, magic, murders, horcruxes. Oops.
  6. He will always practice Legilimency on you and know whatever you’re expecting out of him. Your life will be a paradises of happy surprises!
  7. Lord Voldemort always prizes high value collectibles. He will think of you as the most precious person in the world! For him, you’ll be a thing of beauty, a pleasure for the heart!
  8. He’s the most powerful dark sorcerer ever! He will fight the world for you. He would have stolen the Sorcerer’s stone for you! *Accio IPhone7*
  9. He’s tall and handsome, perfect with the black fashionable robes! The no-nose-characteristic adds a unique charm to his daunting personality!
  10. He is the master of Parseltongue! He’ll take care that no snakes wander around you. Not even Nagini! (What a relief from the evil, slimy creatures!)


Come on, you can’t disagree with the fact that we all hate Umbridge more than the Dark Lord. Try thinking of him in a good light and all the above reasons would make sense! (Tom Riddle slaying with his evil smirk in my dreams!)