27TH MAY-8TH JUNE, 2018

Students and Team Kitaab Club at Sult, Almora, Uttarakhand



  1. VIKASH SINGH- Kirori Mal College
  2. TANYA KHATRI- Delhi College of Arts and Commerce
  3. KAVYA GUPTA – Hansraj College
  4. SHUBHANSHU PANDEY- Ramjas College
  5. ANKIT SINGH- Hansraj College
  6. ABHAY PUNDEER- Vivekananda Institute of Profesional Studies
  7. VEDANSHI GUPTA- Sri Ram College of Commerce
  8. SHABHNAM SINGHLA- Lady Sri Ram College


  • Date of Departure from Delhi- 27th May, 2018
  • Date of Departure from Almora- 8th June, 2018
  • Classes covered- 4th-10th
  • Number of children impacted- 90


During the Readership Program that we conducted for 10 days, we tried to keep our sessions as informative and as interactive as possible. Our team focused on generating kids’ interest in reading and writing, and also emphasized on confidence building amongst the children.



Day 1

  • Introduction of the students as well as the interns followed by ice-breaking activities.
  • Played games like Up&Down, Chicken and Voice Modulation.


Day 2

  • Level-grading of students on the basis of four levels Reading skills.
  • Played games like Kho-Kho and Zip-Zap with the kids.
  • Division of the students into various groups based on level-grading and an introductory session within each group.


Day 3

  • Reading session with the kids in their respective groups.
  • Explained topics like Phonetics, Alphabets and shapes to small ones and also new vocabulary.
  • Concluded the day with a fun session of Bal Sabha.


Day 4

  • Reading sessions followed by dictation in each group.
  • Introduction of ‘Good Touch and Bad Touch’.
  • Other activities like story-writing, learning new words with a game of Dog and the Bone, and a game of hopscotch.


Day 5

  • Reading sessions continued by interns in their following groups.
  • Further discussions on ‘Good Touch and Bad Touch’
  • Conducted informative activities- Game of numbers, Weaving a tale, Poster Making and Story formation


Day 6

  • Revison of the previous day’s lessons and continuation of the reading session.
  • Confidence building amongst the kids and explaining the importance of Equality and Friendship.
  • Other activities- Jingle on body parts, story-writing and story- telling competition


Day 7

  • Revison followed by English book reading
  • Introduction of topics like Articles and Verbs in the respective groups
  • Preparation for Environment Day celebration

Day 8

  • Pre-lunch Reading session with the students
  • Practice for Environment Day by the respective groups
  • Post-Lunch Environment Day celebration
  • Topics covered- Sanitation, Importance of trees, 3R’s, Sustainable Development and Swacch Bharat Mission

Day 9

  • Last Reading session of the workshop with the students
  • Concluded topics of ‘Good Touch and Bad Touch’, Sanitation and Equality
  • Revision of all the previous days followed by a small test
  • Preparation for Annual Day

Day 10

  • Pre-lunch practice for Annual Day
  • Post-lunch Annual Day celebration
  • Concluded the session for the summers




LEVEL 1 Meeta aur uske jaadooi joote

Ghar ki Khoj

Puzzle Buzz

A visit to the city market



LEVEL 2 A visit to the city market

Meeta aur uske jaadooi joote


Chota Rajkumar

Paryavaran ki Kahaaniyan


LEVEL 3 Billu clean bowled

Alice in tWonderland


Lion is down in the dumps

Little Puppies

Haathi ka ghar

Two eyes, a nose and a mouth

Paryavaran ki Kahaaniyan

A visit to the city market


LEVEL 4 Panchtantra

Maya in a Mess

Alice in wonderland



Although we started with our first session on 28th, May but our actual workshop began on 29th May, 2018. We began the day yet again with a fun introduction of both students as well as the team members, followed by some ice-breaking activities like Zip-Zap and Up&Down. Then, we started with the process of level-grading of the students according to the four levels of reading and comprehending. Some of our interns were given the responsibility of evaluating the kids on the basis of their reading skills while others were interacting and playing with the remaining kids, simultaneously. As the day proceeded, we completed with the division of the students into their respective groups on the basis of the four levels of reading. Then we allotted these levels to our interns  to manage them for the rest of the Readership Program.

We concluded our day’s session with a promise to come back the next day and continue with our workshop. The kids bid us goodbye with eagerness written all over their faces for all the upcoming days.

(Intern Shubhanshu playing Kho-Kho with the kids)


On 5th June, we celebrated Environment Day and the kids took active part in it by speaking on topics like sustainable development and numerous ways to protect our environment. They performed a skit on Chipko Movement, sung songs and recited poems throwing light on issues like ‘Save Trees’ and ‘Swacch Bharat’.

(Students reciting slogans on Environment Day)


On the last day, we had a small Annual function to celebrate the kids and their happiness. All the students as well as the whole Kitaab team participated actively and prepared a lot for this day. Our co-ordinater Mr. S C Bisht was our Chief guest for the day and the parents of the children joined for a delightful last day consummation of our workshop.

(Kids dancing on Annual Day)



(Manager Vikas during an activity with the students)




(Team Kitaab and students during a session of ‘Bal-Sabha’ with the kids)



(A girl student, Mansi teaching spellings to the boys)

(Students happily posing one for the camera)



   (Intern Shubhanshu and the kids during a confidence building session)

  (Students during Story-telling competition)

 (Intern Tanya conducting Vocabulary building session with students)


  (Students during English Reading session)

(A small session on Environment for the little one)

DAY 7                               

(Students presenting an informatory description on preservation of tress)

(Kids enacting as trees to explain the importance of Preservation and Protection of the


Day 8

(Intern Tanya explaining the importance of Friendship to the students)

(Students reciting poems during morning assembly)


  (Students performing a Dance on Annual Day)

(Our Co-ordinater Mr. S.C Bisht Sir addressing the students of the school)

(The students singing a Welcome song for the audience)




I can happily say that our ultimate aim of focusing on reading was fulfilled as we completed more books than we thought as well as the kids took firm interest in learning new things with each proceeding day. All the activities and session were planned and conducted successfully by the whole team keeping in mind that it never boring or tedious for the children.

The next time our team goes there, they can focus more on both, writing and speaking skills keeping reading as the base for it. As most of the students there were either in Level 2 or Level 3, and by the end of the 10-day workshop we noticed a rather productive improvement in some very attentive students who can be directly promoted to Level 4 in the Winter Program. The footfall of the students kept increasing in the initial 5 days, and we had a good lot of 90 students or more on the last day, we can definitely hope that the number would only increase the next time. Our coordinator was very impressed by seeing the progress in the students, especially by their boosted confidence.


 (Team Almora on the last day with the kids of the school)

We meant it, because we did it for the love of reading.