Kitaab Stop: The Central Library, University of Delhi

 For every book lover out there, no amount of materialistic things can ever amount to the happiness we get when we open a book. The first page of a new book. It’s smell. The exhilaration and anticipation. Every book lover out there knows that this is what dreams are made of. Reading books in the library is the true essence of reading. Unfortunately, this trend is slowly fading away due to technologies like kindle, iPad, eBooks, etc., and so are a lot of libraries in Delhi.

The University Library of North Campus is one such library. There are no leisure books in this library which all of us love to read. They have only those books which can help us ace our examination. It boasts of having two libraries. One of them being the Arts library for higher degrees like M.A. and PhD and the other one, Central Science library for science courses like Anthropology, Mathematics, Zoology, Botany, M.Phil, amongst others. If you are looking for a book on any topic related to your subject then this library is the best place for you. All of us know how desperate we are in the last few days before the examination to gain as much knowledge as possible.

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 The decorum inside both the libraries is just right for any student who wants his own personal space and a quiet atmosphere. Studying in the library gives peace to the students and they can study without any distractions. Even teachers frequently visit the libraries whenever they have to refer to any author or research a topic. There are computers with internet connection inside the libraries which makes it possible for the students and teachers to search on any subject under the Sun. A professor at Daulat Ram College refers to the library as her second home and says that the quality of books at the library is up to the standards and is quite beneficial for the students who want to clear their concepts by referring to different authors.

Both the libraries can be accessed only by the post graduate students pursuing the respective courses and teachers by showing their ID cards. There is also a membership card with minimal membership fee to attract the students of all sections. Working hours of library are from 9 am-8 pm from Monday to Friday and 9am-5:30 pm on Saturday. They remain closed on Sunday. The Arts library is located in the Faculty of Arts, North campus and Center for science library is located in the Science department.


Although there are a lot of benefits, they do come with a few disadvantages which I have discovered after talking to a few students. The main problem is that the books aren’t arranged in proper order inside the library. The students have to ask for assistance and spend valuable time searching for the books they want. One of the research teachers also said that the quantity of books on research should be increased. They find it difficult to proceed with their thesis without being able to find the book of the author they want to refer to. But keeping these few problems aside, the university library is an ideal place for those who want to make the most of their time and study with full zeal without letting their mind wander off to places.