We @Kitaab believe that every child is a reservoir of ingenuity and creative imagination which, if tapped, can bring out their sheer brilliance in the contemporary field. And thus, our aim is to open the gates for them to explore their own corners of mind, give them new directions to walk in, to provide opportunities for them to let their creative genius run wild.

One such facilitator which unlocks the gates of imagination, is a library, where each book and each illustration exposes the tiny tots to a fountain of artistic ideas open to their investigation.


And therefore, it is indeed very crucial that each child have a BOOK in their hands, their minds running across the printed words, stringing their meanings together and opening up their restricted domains of thoughts.





Keeping our goals in mind, we at Kitaab launched KITAABKOSH, where we construct a library in every NGO/School we collaborate with within the ambit of the project, and plan a six month internship with the children there. We aim to make the books accessible, and perceivable to the children and by the end of our internship, at least one child should be able to read and understand a book completely.





If you would like to contribute to the project, send us an email at

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