Rajasthan: Details

As an intern you will be joining a group of fellow interns and senior workers at Village Molki, (near Kota: Rajasthan) . Accommodation will be in the village and all interns will get to experience the village life while working to make a difference.
What will I be working on?
  1. Encouraging a reading habit amongst the young and vibrant village children
  2. Forming a library management system in the village school
  3. Collecting folktales from the village elders
  4. Holding educational movie sessions with the children
  5. Forming a project report on the basis of our work in the village

Where am I headed off to?
  • Village: Molki in Baran district of Rajasthan
  • It is a 30 minute bus journey from Kota
  • Click HERE to view a map

What are the benefits of this internship?
  1. Grassroot work experience adding a gem to your work timeline
  2. A real time exposure to actual problems faced by the Indian education system
  3. Fieldwork providing an experience of village life
  4. Extra benefits for exceptional work
  • Accommodation will be in simple village home
  • Vegetarian food to be provided to the interns
  • Weather will be warm.