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A book is any child’s gateway to pure knowledge. Reading enables children to apprehend people, places, different theories and stories better. It opens closed doors for children and their life flourishes.

This year’s program was held at R.C. Memorial Public School, Uphalda, Srinagar for 5th, 6th, 7th and 8thclass students.

Like old times, the program was aimed at making reading interesting for kids and encouraging them to develop a habit of reading. The first step was to covertly sort children according to their reading levels (and not grade) from level 1 to 4. In the 10 day program, from time to time, the interns showed the kids motivational videos and funny videos to keep kids engaged in the session. We also conducted a very detailed session on “Good Touch Bad Touch” for all the kids and “Menstrual Hygiene” for 7th and 8thclass students, both girls and boys. The program went exceptionally well.



The private school was R.C. Memorial Public School, efficiently maintained and run by Mrs. Kusum Bisht Ma’am. We got a total of 36 kids from 5th to 8th class and with a team of 6 interns (and 2 managers), it meant every intern got around students to commence with. We had 2.5-3 hours of teaching everyday, some days about half an hour over.

The 10 day program was planned in the following manner:

Day 1: Ice-Breaking Session and Reading

Day 2- Day 8: Reading, Activities and Games

Day 9: Reading, Session on Good Touch Bad Touch and Menstrual Hygiene

Day 10: Farewell Function

Team Members

Name Course College
Shweta Gupta (M) B.A. Statistic Hons Lady Sri Ram College
Makita Chowdhary (M) B.Com (H) Dyal Singh College
Tushadri Singh (I) B.Sc Botany Hons Sri Venkateshwara College
Srishti Bala (I) B.Com (H) Sri Ram College of Commerce
Bhawani Singh (I) B.A. Program Ramjas College
Piyush Ranjan (I) B.A. Economic Hons Kirorimal College
Gautam Bajaj (I) B.Com (H) Maharaja Agarsen College
Kunal Soni (I) B.Tech Biotech Delhi Technological University

M – Project Manager; I – Intern

Literature Used

Kunal Srishti Tushadri Bhawani Piyush Gautam
Alice in Wonderland 2E Maya in a Mess 3 E Malgudi Days 4 E Paryavaran Ki Kahaniyan 3 H Malgudi Days 4 E
Panchtantra H Akbar-Birbal 4
Billoo Clean Bowled 2 E
Dream Big Little Pig 2 E
A Visit to a Market E

 – English

H – Hindi

One Story Book

Collection of Short Stories

Independent Stories

Language Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level
English A Visit to the City Market Place Alice in Wonderland Maya in a Mess Malgudi Days
Hindi 9 Nanhe Pakshi Panchtantra Paryavaran ki Kahaniyan Rabindranath ki bal Kahaniyan

Literature used for Level Grading

Students Impacted by the Program

Bhawani (3) Gautam (4) Kunal (2) Piyush (4) Srishti (3) Tushadri (4)
Sumit Miyan (6th) Gaurav (8th) Rishabh (5th) Priyanshu (8th) Sumit Miyan (6th) Anupriya (8th)
Nitika (7th) Saurabh (6th) Abhishek (6th) Devendra (5th) Nitika (7th) Monika (8th)
Komal (7th) Ayush Rawat (6th) Himanshu Bhatt (6th) Piyush (8th) Komal (7th) Simran (6th)
Payal (6th) Sanidhya (5th) Priya (5th) Anurag (8th) Payal (6th) Smiksha (7th)
Ayush (7th) Vivek (6th) Sumit (6th) Nitin (8th) Ayush (7th) Riya (8th)
Mohit (7th)  Abhishek (6th) Ashish (6th) Aryan (8th) Mohit (7th) Jiya(7th)
Himanshu (6th) Prince (7th) Mohit (7th) Himanshu (6th) Shivani (8th)
Priyanshu(7th)     Priyanshu(7th)  
Ayush Rawat (7th)     Ayush Rawat  

Day-1, 29th May’18

We started the program by conducting an ice-breaking session with the students where we gathered all the students in a classroom and introduces ourselves to them turn by turn and asked them to do the same in return We conducted activities like Zip Zap ZoopVolume Up Volume down, Confusing Senses with the children, in which they took part enthusiastically. The interns randomly took children with them and sorted them, after that the managers assigned levels to interns and then students to each intern as per their level. The interns conducted a quick reading session with the children followed by an activity and homework distribution with which they wrapped up the first day’s session.

Level Grading

  • Day-2, 30th May’18

At exact 9:00 am, interns (teachers) along with their group of kids acquired a class room each and the session began. The session commenced with homework discussion, followed by the reading of the story, conduction of general activities, motivational video screening and homework distribution. One of the interns, Piyush, made a quiz for the all the kids which turned out to be the highlight of that day and then we played a game of catch with the students and left around  12-12:15 pm.

Reading Session


Game of Catch

  • Day-3, 31st May’18

On the third day, we did the same thing in the classroom sessions but we played a new game “Khada Kho” with them on their demand for about half an hour and left the school around 12.

Reading Session

Khada Kho

  • Day-4, 1st June’18

We reached the school early, played with kids then at 9:00 am took them to their classes and started the regular session but this time interns made activities based on the stories they planned on teaching and the session went magnificently. Kids seemed happy and pumped up to compete in the activities. Then, when about half an hour was left before end of the session we let the kids out in the ground and played Khada Kho with them and then left.

Activity: Dialogue Construction     
  • Day-5, 2nd June’18

On day 5, we conducted the session in the same order and the strength of kids remained the same as day 2. Different interns played different games with their interns and then after a session of group photograph we left.

Drawing Activity                             

  • Day-6, 3rd June’18

It was Sunday, so we conducted a quiz, grammar quiz and Sport’s Day for them in which there were two races, namely, Balancing the Pad and Three Leg Race.

Sports Day Races

  • Day-7, 4th June’18

We conducted our regular session with the children but the turn up was low as many students had left for their relatives’ places by now.

  • Day 8, 5th June’18

We conducted our regular session with the children of the same strength as the previous day, played games with them and left.

  • Day-9, 6th June’18

We had our regular reading session but only for an hour, then students were shown videos on “Good Touch Bad Touch” and girls and boys of 7th and 8th class were given an interactive session on “Adolescent Changes” separately conducted by interns Kunal and Bhawani for boys and Tushadri and Srishti for girls while the other kids of class 5th and 6th had a fun activity session with Gautam and Piyush.      

Good Touch Bad Touch

  • Day-10, 7th June’18

On the last day we conducted a farewell function in which we first had a treasure hunt for the kids. The children were divided into 4 teams of 9 members each and the names of the team were Bengal Warriors, Dabbang Delhi, Telegu Titans and Patna Pirates as the kids liked Kabbadi. Every team had to find 4 clues which led them to library where the box of books (donated to school by Kitaab) was kept which was the treasure. Kids played zealously and the winner was team Patna Pirates.

Then we held a Title distribution ceremony where every teacher gave their students some creative title and pinned it to their uppers. Along with that they gave students a notebook with a special note for their kids, each kid got it along with a pencil and a colour box. The session ended with Kitaab Team being honoured with Award of Excellence by respected Mrs. Kusum Bisht Ma’am, Principal of the school.

Since there were no level 1 kids in the private school, level 1 books were gifted to the govt. school. With all this we wrapped up the program and bid adieu to the lovely kids of R.C. Memorial Public School, Uphalda, Srinagar.

Note from managers:

10 days cannot make a big change in someone’s life but a few change, and yes there was that change in attitude and confidence of children. Even though from small town they are dreaming of becoming chefs and soldiers, isn’t impressive .The bond which students and interns shared was very cooperative. Overall the response that we received from the teachers and the students was very warm. We would like to thanks school principal Mrs. Kusum Bisht Ma’am and fellow interns.

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